Mechanical wire cleaning machine

Final descaling and cleaning of wire surfaces and improving the wire quality.

The Solution

The requests for cleaner wire surface are becoming huge and associated with high cleaning costs. Dirty wire often causes problems in quality of further elevation and processing of wire.You can think of consumption of lubricants, wear of dies, more machinestops and also filthy equipment. Mostly expensive solutions arise to solve these issues.

The developed and pattented ECOCLEAN by CORO Solutions is the Solution because it guarantees exellent cleaning results with very low costs.
Wire surfaces are being mechanical cleaned and radically mechanical descaled. This is done by means of abrassive wire cleaning to fine cleaning en from rough cleaning to wirepolishing pads/brushes. Cleaning pads are easily to change and can last for an average of over 1500 tons.

The System

The ECOCLEAN can be used from 2 mm wire size up to 10 mm.
A wire speed of 10 m/sec is easy to handle.
Not only the appearance of the ECOCLEAN does suggest it’s a modern peace of equipment, also the inside of the machine does guarantee a high standard.
By means of rotating cleaning heads, which are independent adjustable in forces and cleaning capacity, the ECOCLEAN can clean up to every requested level.
The wear of the machine is minimal and the power consumption is low by only a 4,5 kW.

The ECOCLEAN L1870D is a huge step forward. With sense for the environment and health of the operator we will all feel confident with the ECOCLEAN.
As a mechanical descaler and cleaning machine it can lower the cleaning costs for over 80% down to a level of less than 1 Euro a ton.
Depending on the requests of the user the ECOCLEAN can be used for many purposes.