The Wire Cleaning Solution

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& more profitable future

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Huge annual cost reductions
Environmentally and user friendly system
Excellent wire quality results
Save up to 80% on wire cleaning costs
Minimum downtime
Worldwide proven successes

The Mechanical Wire Cleaning Solution

The global wire industry is continuously engaged in optimizations in the field of wire processing and wire processing, which guarantees quality.

Through years of research, innovations, progressiveness, goal for sustainability, optimization in production and profit, the Ecoclean has been developed.

The Ecoclean is a machine  for cleaning, final descaling and polishing of wire surfaces as well for improving the wire quality for further processing. The wire becomes stress-relived and its structure becomes more consistent.

This mechanical wire cleaning and wire-processing machine has featured several worldwide proven successes.
These successes range from treating low carbon wire to high carbon wire, from wirerod to high quality tire cord.

The Ecoclean system provides an optimized wire quality for further processing. In particular, the subsequent surface coating is made easier and materials used in these operations are reduced significantly.

By its worldwide proven successes it certainly is the mechanical wire cleaning solution for many applications.

Ecoclean is the success to a more sustainable and more profitable future

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Customize your own Ecoclean

Besides the standard housing colors blue and anthracite there are lots of color combinations possible.
When you are interested you can choose your own colors.

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